名人名言语录摘抄 擦干眼泪告诉自己不准哭

♥No amount of damage I don’t care, w经历只有自己懂的句子iped away tears tell yourself prohibit to cry.再多的伤害我也不在乎,擦干眼泪告诉自己不准哭。

♥Love reckons hours for months心里委屈又无奈的句子, and days for years; and every little absence is an age.爱情把小时变成月,把天变成年,把每一次不见面变成一生。

♥Love shouldnt fall in love with the people, but the helpless put not hand。爱着不该爱上的人,却无可奈何的放不了手。

♥Love the life you live, live the life you love.—— 喜欢自己过的生活,过自己喜欢的生活。

♥Love understands love; it needs no talk. 相爱的心息息相通,无需用言语倾诉。

♥Love warms more than a thousand fires. 爱情的炽热胜过千万团的火。

名人名言语录摘抄 擦干眼泪告诉自己不准哭

♥Love without end hath no end.情绵绵,爱无边。

♥Love you is not my intention.I try to be alone,but I can\'t stop missing you.爱你,不是我有意的。我试着孤独,却止不住思念。

♥Love you like a fool. 像傻瓜一样爱你。

♥love, It would have to be to you爱,它只属于你

♥A brave man risks his life but not his conscience.勇敢的人用生命而不是用良心冒险。


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